MAGPIE is a fintech platform that takes a first-in-industry approach to help you manage and value your collection.

Combining enterprise-level solutions with image recognition, AI technology, and data from multiple marketplaces, MAGPIE helps collectors immerse themselves in their passion for collecting. Just as importantly, it simplifies administration, providing valuable insights for turning physical collections into a viable asset class.

The MAGPIE platform is currently in BETA and therefore free to use. Our core features will always be free, and advanced analytics, data and features will be available through plans designed for users. 

Trust is the core value of the MAGPIE platform. We’ve implemented strict privacy and security policies that ensure your data is never shared with a third party without your express consent. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Your Vault is where you store the digital information for the items in your collection. You can use it to track your collection, check out pricing, and gain insights into the true value of your physical assets.

The MAGPIE team reviews all of the information entered to ensure accuracy and security, so it can take up to 24 – 48 hours to add an item to your vault. You can expect this process to become much faster post-beta.

Photographs are completely optional, though we recommend uploading any that you have. Condition plays a huge role in determining the value of your collectibles. When you upload photographs, you help to provide visual proof of your asset’s condition.


Our research revealed that successful collectible sellers are active across 10+ digital sales channels and 10+ in-person events. They’re dedicating huge amounts of time to networking and researching the value of the items they’re selling. MAGPIE offers sellers a customer relationship management system that delivers real-time pricing and access to a community of collectors, hobbyists, and business owners. The result is time saved on administrative work, meaning sellers can focus on selling.

Comparable pricing allows you to compare sales of your collectible asset on different marketplaces. MAGPIE pulls data from multiple marketplaces to give an in-depth overview of the value of every collectible you upload to your Vault.


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