MAGPIE is software that makes it easy to sell more trading cards and collectibles.  

MAGPIE has monthly and annual contracts available. 

Trust is a core value of the MAGPIE team. We’ve implemented strict privacy and security protocols, reviews and encrypt our user data to ensure all MAGPIE data is securely stored on the AWS cloud.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

MAGPIE does three simple things:

1) Create inventory from photos, spreadsheets, or existing sites like Shopify, Square, or Ebay.  

2) Sell your products on your website plus Ebay, MySlabs, WhatNot & other marketplaces. 

3) Identify customers and grow your audience wherever they buy from you.


MAGPIE users sell more trading cards through more sites and marketplaces than anyone else. 

Comparative pricing allows you to compare sales of your collectible asset on different marketplaces. MAGPIE pulls data from multiple marketplaces to give an in-depth overview of the value of every collectible you upload to your Vault.

Comic Books, Games and Toys

We have built out integrations and a product catalog for many products in trading card games, comic books and toys. Please email us for more detail. 

Sneakers, Watches and Jewelry

We have built out integrations and a product catalog for many products in sneakers, watches and jewelry.  Please email us for more detail. 

The MAGPIE Difference


Automation helps to grow your business faster than ever before

Customer Connections

Connect your inventory to dozens of marketplaces and sales channels

Empower your Employees

Automated workflow tools help your employees do more every day