Whether you’re a hobby dealer, collector, or wealth manager, MAGPIE has plenty to offer to help you manage your collection and ensure you leave no money on the table.

Family Offices

Key Benefits

As a wealth manager, your key responsibility is your client.

Yet many financial advisors and family offices have a difficult time gaining key insights into the tangible assets that their clients choose to invest in, either for passion or for profit. That’s where MAGPIE comes in.

MAGPIE provides wealth managers with secure and compliant technology that allows them to uncover new revenue streams and track the market value of their clients’ collectibles. Capitalizing on MAGPIE’s data, you can connect high-net-worth clients with the right assets for their portfolios, and receive the most current information in the collecting sector while interacting with our community of experts.

MAGPIE helps you to prioritize acquisitions in a time-efficient way, in addition to providing the digital resources you need to accurately catalog extensive collections.

Our White Glove Service offers a personalized service designed to help you understand exactly what assets your clients have and how you can build their collections into their financial plans.

You also gain access to MAGPIE’s exclusive suite of tools and experts, including insurance products, appraisers and advisors to help you create a comprehensive portfolio management system. These one-of-a-kind tools, coupled with a portfolio of strategic integrations for accounting, create a seamless collecting and wealth management experience.