Dealers and Sellers

Key Benefits

Our Proven Process



Create inventory from multiple buying channels and customer records from multiple selling channels without manual data entry. 



Integrate your inventory data with your customer database to identify more opportunities to sell existing inventory and connect with customers. 



Spend more time growing your business through simple workflows that help your entire team to focus on the most important revenue generating activities. 

Collectible dealers are the heart of the hobby industry.

They have their finger on the pulse of collectors, what is happening in the market and know how to connect to rare and special assets. Yet, while many dealers and retailers created their business out of their passion and expertise, much of their time is lost on cumbersome administrative tasks. Most business software is not designed for highly volatile assets, and every minute not spent selling is a minute not making money.

MAGPIE makes it easy to make sure that no money is left on the table. The MAGPIE platform enables:

MAGPIE serves as a direct partner to a trusted dealer network. With MAGPIE, you can engage with the right people and grow your business.