Whether you’re a hobby dealer, collector, or wealth manager, MAGPIE has plenty to offer to help you manage your collection and ensure you leave no money on the table.


Key Benefits

Collectors often face three key challenges

MAGPIE solves all three of these obstacles.

Our platform provides collectors with a digital inventory to catalog and track every item in your collection, regardless of category, including related materials like Certificates of Authenticity, insurance policies and maintenance schedules. Collectors can also access real-time sales data pulled from multiple market sources so they know exactly how much each collectible is worth.

If you’re wary of paying too much for something to add to your collection, MAGPIE can give you data-driven insight into market conditions, so you can stay within your budget and make smart investment decisions.

Collectors can also share their curated collections (and even their wish list) with the world’s premier auction houses, marketplaces, dealers, and collectors to find the right buyer for their assets when trying to move them.

Think of MAGPIE as your collection’s hub.

Collectors also get access to MAGPIE’s White Glove Service.

This personalized, curated service is designed to provide expertise, resources and support for collectors, and the families of collectors, who need guidance and expert-level help with organizing their collections, determining value, and ensuring their legacy is preserved for future generations.