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How the hobby changed one man’s life, and how it can change yours, too.

During the pandemic, law student Eddie Healy finally sorted his dad’s old baseball card collection. To his surprise, he received upwards of $16,000 at auction for 23 rack packs—enough to make a dent in his law school student loans and future wedding (and still have some left over to invest).

However, this phenomenal result was no accident (nor was it easy). Eddie sorted and inspected the items, searched online marketplaces for initial estimates, sought second opinions from local memorabilia stores and then finally decided on an auction house with experience selling similar rack packs for high values. 

In other words, like many in the hobby, Eddie is passionate about sports and memorabilia. However, he also recognized how his cards constituted part of a powerful new asset class—which, when managed correctly with the right resources, can unlock new wealth and opportunities. That’s one of the reasons this hobby is so special; there’s room for passionate lifetime holders, alternative asset investors, and everyone in between. What’s clear, though, is the need for new tools to easily unlock the best of both worlds. 

With MAGPIE, you can manage asset value in real time, connect to trustworthy buyers and sellers and access liquidity to increase your wealth. Our professional and easy to use resources would have simplified Eddie’s journey at every step of the way, and they can help you, too. 

What do you have hiding in your closet or attic? Join MAGPIE to find out. 

Source: The Washington Post, “A laid-off law student found treasure in his late dad’s baseball cards”

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