Trading cards in prep for THE NATIONAL

Trading cards

The National Sports Collectors Convention is less than two weeks away. It is the biggest card show of the year, and if you have any connection to #thehobby, you are likely going to be there in person or following it on social media. 

To help us prepare as collectors, hobby participants and human beings, I have been interviewing hobby legends to get their perspective on what makes for a great show and how to get the most out of it. We’re halfway through the series, so I wanted to share some of the first tips in case it can be helpful ahead of the show. 

  1. Preparation is key– Do your research. Every single person I’ve talked to from Andrew Goldenberg to Sara Layton to Raphael Mosley has reiterated that it is really critical to know what you are bringing to sell, what you are looking to buy and how much money you can spend. Market dynamics will make for some really interesting deals. Make sure you are ready to take advantage of them. MAGPIE has built great tools to help you manage transactions and trades. Email us if you want to try the private beta we’re testing with some of the industry’s top dealers. 

  2. Relationships reign supreme- People are what make the hobby so special. CAGE talked about how much he enjoys meeting Luka Nation listeners at the National. This is a great time to meet people you’ve only seen on the internet and deepen relationships with old friends. 

  3. Know your goals- Whether you are there as a collector or a vendor, figuring out what you want to achieve is critical as things can get very overwhelming with so many dealers and cards in one place. Whether it’s adding to your personal collection or forging business partnerships, there are lots of deals to be done! 

  4. Embrace serendipity– Jeremy Lee of Sports Cards Live really brought this home for me. As much as you can prepare and set goals, you should also be ready to embrace the random conversations, new people and unexpected cards you find. There is so much to discover that if you have an open mind you are likely to be 

  5. Sneakers, water and battery packs– Long days.  Longer nights. Endless fun. Self-care is key. And don’t forget to enjoy the Jersey Shore! 

Let us know if you will be there. We’d love to meet you.

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Join Our Mailing List for other tips on how to get the most out of your passion.

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