Lessons from our initial private beta

After inviting our first MAGPIEs to share their collections on the platform, they had a lot to say—both about collecting, and about the app.

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In June, we welcomed our first MAGPIEs onto our platform. We kept this initial private beta intimate to encourage our earliest adopters to engage deeply with the product, and to allow us to incorporate their feedback. 

In fact, all of our beta testers wanted to track the history of their collection and make better decisions about how to manage it. Specifically, they expressed a need for detailed marketplace and item information, access to live financial data on their diverse collectible portfolio, and easier ways to connect socially or transactionally with other trustworthy collectors. 

Here’s what a few had to say, in their own words:

“I want my value to ignite action or accelerate decision-making.”

“In these [other platforms] you can never track price fluctuations of a handbag—changes I want to know.”

“I would upload every item I own [into my vault] it it meant that I’ll get an accurate view of my portfolio.”

“I liked the idea of being able to go into someone’s [digital] closet.”

Furthermore, after dozens of MAGPIEs described their frustrations with unscrupulous buyers, sellers and platforms, we have decided to build a verified community designed to simplify the art of collecting, powered by the professional pricing and portfolio management tools currently unavailable anywhere else. With tools good enough for expert “mega collectors” and celebrities with one-of-a-kind collections, MAGPIE will help everyone to manage their collections like the pros. 

And, most importantly, with trust, history, and provenance a priority, collectors can finally enjoy the hobby and leave scams and hassle behind.  

In the meantime, request a summary and pricing report of your collection by listing up to ten of your favorite collectibles here.

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Join Our Mailing List for other tips on how to get the most out of your passion.

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