Leave no money on the table as you build and manage your collection.


Connect your collection to the world


Connect Your Collection To The World

MAGPIE will help you build the collection of your dreams.

Our first-in-industry approach bridges the gap between multiple tools with software solutions and integrations to reduce the time you spend on draining admin tasks. Spend less time on data entry and more time doing what you love – collecting.

The MAGPIE difference

Know What You Have

Automate inventory import

Sort, filter, tag

Find what buyers are looking for in seconds

No matter where you (or they) are

Simplify Your Finances

Track revenue, costs, expenses and profit across channels

See advanced inventory and sales data and analytics

Integrate all transactions in a single place

Make better decisions for your business

Tell Your Story

Digital gallery

Link stories, history and COAs

One click share with collectors, marketplaces, auction houses and buyers

Bring your expertise to the world

Are you ready to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time making deals?

for retailers & sellers

Dealers use MAGPIE to streamline administrative tasks and expand their network.

for collectors

Use MAGPIE to catalog, track, network, and sell across multiple platforms.

for wealth advisors

High-net-worth clients and wealth managers are exploring #thehobby for its vast investment potential.

Our proven process



Import your entire collection directly into MAGPIE. Our integrated tools create a seamless process that makes documenting and managing your collection quick, easy, and automatic.



Leverage real-time value insights to manage your time, track your collection’s value, and make key decisions to achieve your personal and financial goals regardless of market conditions.



Connect with a huge network of buyers, dealers, appraisers and specialists to enhance and distinguish your inventory and find more opportunities to make deals.

From the MAGPIE community

“My main reason for starting an Instagram page for my collection was so I could enjoy items that aren’t regularly displayed or in storage. MAGPIE has taken that vision to a whole new level. Now I can share my collection more completely and with better access controls.

Their process of auditing all of my PSA slabs enabled them to see that one of my cards had been decertified by PSA after counterfeiters copied it. Thankfully I was able to get that issue resolved very quickly.”

Patrick Ryan


Supporting Collectors of All Kinds

We know that collectors may start in one category before becoming curious about other collecting niches. MAGPIE gives you the tools to quickly expand into new areas. From sports memorabilia to comic books to video games, MAGPIE helps deal-makers track their inventory regardless of category.

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Our partners

MAGPIE is committed to building out the most trusted, transparent and robust ecosystem possible. We partner with data providers, marketplaces, auction houses, appraisers, insurance companies and many more.